Code of Conduct for Paulshof Educare Centre

I need to always obey these rules to enjoy a happy, safe day at school:

*   I will help to keep my classroom and the playground clean and beautiful by throwing litter in the dustbin.

*   I will not throw stones or other objects around that may hurt my friends.

*   I will respect, listen to and obey the teachers.

*   I will play with only one toy at a time and pack it away when I am finished

*   I will use my “inside voice” in the classroom and not yell, shout or run around while I am inside.

*   I will respect my friends on the playground and obey the rule of sharing and taking turns.

*   I will work quietly in the classroom so that my friends can concentrate on their work.

*   Good manners are very important so I will always remember to say “please” and “thank you”.

*   Fighting, hitting, biting, kicking, punching, scratching, rough play, spitting and bad language is not allowed at my school.

*   I will line up and wait quietly in the line when my class leaves the classroom.

*   Bullying is not allowed.

*   I will keep my hands, feet, body and objects to myself.

Responsibility … Achievement … Honesty … Co-operation … Safety … Respect … Kindness

“Take care of Yourself. Take care of Others. Take care of Your School.”