Staff Information:

*       A professional environment with attention to detail, sound planning and a transparent managerial approach.

*       Owner and Principal has 38 years teaching and academic management experience.

*       The staff has 70 years of collective teaching experience.

*       A loving, nurturing environment where the teachers are dedicated to and passionate about the teaching profession and children.


*       Staff are well qualified, and CPR and First Aid trained.

Academic Progression from Class to Class:

Progression of pupils from one class to the next each year is not automatic. The GDE and UNISA provides specific guidelines as to developmental milestones which need to be reached in order for the pupil to progress to the next class. If a pupil needs to remain in a class for a while longer or needs to be moved during the course of the year to the next class, parents will be contacted to discuss the decision with all relevant parties so as to determine what is in the best interests of the pupil.

Robotics and Decoding:


We all stand in awe of the remarkable developments taking place in education and the world in general, therefore early exposure of our children to it will be of great benefit to them, particularly when they enter the primary schools. 


Introduction to the Library:

There is no greater gift an adult can give a child, than to introduce them, no matter how young they are, to the wonderful world of books! For this reason, weekly visits to our library are part of our academic programme. Pupils are expected to be au fait with the use of a library by the time they reach the primary schools therefore this exercise will stand them in good stead for the future. It also teaches the child responsibility to care for the book and to return it timeously.